Weed Walk & Talk II

This program is for adult Girl Scout leaders

Weed Walk & Talk – Trying to figure out what that green stuff is growing in the corner of the yard? Can’t decide if it’s poison ivy or just Virginia Creeper? This program will help you identify many of the plants that end up on the “weed” list.   Attending this program will help you be better prepared for scout campouts and hikes with your girls. Don’t worry, no tests at the end of the class!  This program will be held at the Cincinnati Service Center of Girl Scouts of Western Ohio, 4930 Cornell Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242.  

Fee is $10 per person (sorry, no girls under 16 at this presentation) Thursday evening April 2, 2015  6:30-8:30 pm.   Call Carol Mundy to register for this program (513) 851-0878 We need a minimum of 10 people for this program, so call your other leaders and sign-up now for this fun class!  (deadline to register is March 30)