Weed or Herb?

Weed or Herb? The Unique History of Weeds and Herbs

Many of the plants you call weeds today are simply herbs that have fallen from favor. As humans are nomadic to some extent, they have found and cultivated their favorite plants and then packed them up and taken them to a new location to start again.  When this happens only one component of that plant’s habitat is transported. In the new habitat this plant could do one of three things – it could     a) die off immediately   b) slowly acclimate in its new location and thrive within boundaries c) take off like a rocket! Since there are no predators or threatening conditions to keep it in check – consider the way of Kudzu…   Assessing the weeds you have today and comparing them to herbs of 200 years ago, you will find many of the plants are on both lists.    We will review some common and some not-so-common weeds and learn their herbal history.