Digital SLR Photography One on One Instruction

Digital photography has opened up an whole new world in capturing images of whatever you’re interested in whether it wildlife, city landscapes or just your family. However, digital photography is different than film cameras and can be just as rewarding without the extra expense of having your film developed just to find out you wasted your money.

That being said digital images and quality pictures are dependent on the amount of light that the camera receives at the time the image is taken. Too little light and the quality of the image and the detail is reduced and the same is true if you over expose your image. Learning how to get the most out of you Digital SLR is crucial if you are as serious about photography as I am.


Cost: Digital SLR $65.00/hour

Learn about your camera based on your needs. This one-on-one format with Jim Mundy will guide you through the process of using the important camera’s features and taking better pictures.  We can also cover post production editing and much more.

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