Digital SLR Photography Essentials

Digital photography has opened up a whole new world in capturing images of whatever you’re interested in whether it is wildlife, city landscapes or just your family. However, digital photography is different than film cameras and can be just as rewarding without the extra expense of having your film developed just to find out you wasted your money.

That being said digital images and quality pictures are dependent on the amount of light that the camera receives at the time the image is taken. Too little light and the quality of the image and the detail is reduced and the same is true if you over expose your image. Learning how to get the most out of you Digital SLR is crucial if you are as serious about photography as I am.  It has taken me seven years to get to the point I am today in my digital photography and I have had my highs and low and almost gave up because I was not happy with my images. Now I have learned so much that I can save you time money and a lot of hardship if you come to my photography class. Jim photographing in the snowThis 8 hour Digital SLR photography class focuses on teaching the casual or new user how to take quality pictures using their camera in partial and full manual modes. In the first four-hour classroom session, we look at the tools inside the Digital SLR camera such as highlight alert and histogram and their importance to a quality photo.  We will also have an in-depth look at the basics of photography and other common features of a digital camera and equipment. In the second four-hour session, we’ll be outside practicing and developing your skills using the tools learned in the classroom.  This outdoor practicum will provide you with the confidence you need to continue on your own at your own pace. This class is best conducted on two separate days of four hours each so that you have time to practice and prepare in between sessions.


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Photography Class

January 2015 class participants

For more information and to schedule a class; contact Jim Mundy at   Be sure to note “Photography Class” in the subject line.  Tell him you are interested in this class and he will set a class date once he has several people on a list.  He will coordinate with you to set a date to begin your new adventure in digital photography. Class locations: In door location will be at my home near the Winton Woods area (Directions will be sent to participants).  Outdoor class: location will be decided by the class participants.


We currently have no class scheduled. If you are interested please send Jim and Email.


Cost: $90.00 per person     Once a class has been scheduled you can register and pay below.

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