Welcome to The Crow Knows

This site is devoted to natural history education and consulting service by Carol & James  Mundy of Cincinnati, Ohio.

We offer a wide range of programs, workshops, training, on various subjects including traditional nature study such bird ID or wildflower and weed ID, to dealing with urban wildlife issues.  We also offer interesting presentations on historical use of food and herbs, a historic look at the spice trade, to a view of the dark side of man’s use of plants.  Jim offers digital photography classes and workshops for folks wanting to learn more about their equipment, to learning the techniques needed to get the better photos.

We also provide consulting services on projects including; prairie restoration, deer management, exotic species control, grassland and habitat management, Bluebird box trails and much more.

Why the Crow…  The crow is a clever and versatile bird. With a wonderful sense of humor and good family life, the crow is the watcher and keeper of wild wisdom. Carol and James utilize these same characteristics in their life and in their presentations.